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Hi Charlene,

I adopted "Little Man" the little tan Chihuahua mix from you a couple months ago. Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that he is doing great,! We re-named him Renzo and he is best friends with our Boston Terrier, and fitting into our family just wonderfully! Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself how well he is doing, and we can't wait to see him on your 'success stories' section of your website! Thank you again for letting us adopt him he has been such a blessing and we cannot imagine our life without that little guy in it.

Hope all is well with you and the rescue!



We adopted a Basenji/Poodle mix puppy from your rescue May 7th, 2008.  We named her Maisie and she had become a real part of the family. Our one-year-old son, Isaiah, is really starting to bond with her too. He calls her "Mae-Mae" and will bring her toys or throws her a ball. (and sometimes even offers her HIS toys- to the frustration of his mother! hehe) They are so sweet to watch together and it makes us so glad we brought her home with us. Thank you again for adopting our little gal out to us. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Sincerely,
Jonathan and Candace Scoggins


Brew came from an animal shelter in the mountains.  His owners gave him up because he was too big.  He was stressing living in a pen at the shelter so we picked him up and brought him back to Phoenix.  He is a wonderful dog, completely housebroke and quiet in the house.  He loves to play ball. Brew was adopted by a family that had lost one of their dogs.  They are a happy family today.




Sam was found in the desert with cactus stuck in his long fur.  The lady that found him called us and brought him over to the rescue.  He had a microchip from 1999 and the information wasn't updated.  I searched on the internet for the previous owner's new address.  I couldn't find him so I put him up for adoption.  A lady in Lake Havasu City, Az. drove 3 1//2 hours down to meet him along with her  old dog.  She had recently lost her other dog.  She fell in love with Sam and he just smiled and smiled at her.  She couldn't resist him.  He had an unusual gait when he walked, kind of  like a lope  She found out he was an Irish Wolfhound and that is one of their traits.  Since he is Irish, she changed his name to Brodie.  




Happy is one of the 3 big dogs on our home page.  She was born at our house shortly after her mom was rescued, 1 of a litter of 9.  She was adopted by an elderly couple who had lost their big old dog.  The husband was very lonely for his companion so they came out to see her.  She had never been in the house before she was adopted.  She ran with the horses and other dogs, now she is a spoiled house dog, sitting on the couch between her new owners.  What a Life!!






Freeway was adopted by Cathy, a lady that has been volunteering at the ranch.  She has several dogs of various sizes and ages which is a good mix for Freeway.  He is the dog on the home page that was rescued from the interstate highway, thus the name.  She brought her husband and son out to meet him and he went home with them.  It tugs at my heart a little, because when you go thru the drama of the rescue on the freeway,  all of your emotions get involved.  Of course, I can't keep all the dogs  and I'm thankful for the loving homes that  adopt these rescued animals. 


Ashley: She was born at out house  2 months after her mom was rescued.  Her mom is a Basenji (which is a barkless dog). The puppies are tiny, about 2 pounds and were born on Easter, March 23.  They are sweet and playful, always wrestling with each other. 

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