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Tonopah woman helps stray animals

by Jessey Endrud
special to the View
article from the West Valley View Newspaper

The community newspaper of Avondale, Buckeye, Goodyear, Litchfield Park & Tolleson, AZ

CHARLENE TIPTON gives treats to some of the dogs she cares for at her Living Water Rescue Ranch in Tonopah. The nonprofit cares for all types of animals, from goats to hamsters. (Bottom) Tipton’s children, including 12-year-old Michael, help feed and care for the animals such as chickens rescued from a Phoenix cock fighting ring.

   Have you ever seen a homeless dog wandering aimlessly on the side of the road and wished

   you could do something to help it?

   Charlene Tipton of Tonopah has, so four years ago she started Living Water Rescue Ranch,

   a safe haven for stray animals.


   "I just found a stray dog on the side of the road and stopped and picked it up. After I had found several,

    I decided I can't just keep them, I've got to find homes for them," Tipton said.

   The shelter's founder is no stranger to animals.

   "I have worked for Noah's Ark Pet Adoptions," she said. Tipton has also taken in animals for the

   Arizona Humane Society and her local veterinarian.

   "I have the help of my two children," 3-year-old Miranda and 12-year-old Michael, Tipton added.

   Michael said he is very happy to help his mother take care of the animals.

   "I feed the horses, the chickens, the dogs, the goats and I water them," he said.

   Michael then remembered one of the funny stories, which are bound to happen when caring for so many animals.

   "We once had a tiny little pig who we kept inside the laundry room and he went into the litter box.

    He used it just like a cat," he said.

   The family is currently caring for 16 dogs, nine goats, seven cats, six horses and five hamsters.

   Tipton is looking for volunteers who would like to come and help her care for the animals, she said.

   Living Water Rescue Ranch accepts animals that are either brought in because the owners can no longer care for them,

   or strays found on the roadside.


   Tipton takes the animals in, provides care - by getting them spayed or neutered -

   and then offers them for adoption to the public.

   The rescue ranch is a not done for her profit, all proceeds go to caring for the shelter's critters.

   Prices range, depending on the type of animal, all of which are already spayed or neutered.

   "I charge a $100 adoption fee for the dogs, and the hamsters I sell for $10, or with a cage for $25," Tipton said.


          To contact Tipton about pet adoption, or volunteer opportunities at Living Water Rescue Ranch,

          call 623-386-0386 or send an e-mail to



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