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The Story of how we came to be:
I found the  picture of the horse drinking from the stream on a business card in the 1980's. 
I said some day I would have that on my cards. 
In the 90's, the Lord told me that the name of my ranch would be
Living Water Ranch,
although at that  time I didn't have a ranch. 
When my husband died in 2001,  I decided to sell the house and go buy some land. 
I bought 4 acres of undeveloped ground 40 miles from Phoenix. 
I said that if God and Noah could build an Ark, than God and Charlene could build a home out of this dirt. 
The Lord said, "This is your
Living Water Ranch". 


Some of Our Cats:

The cats, are Purly and Kiki, both sweet little boys.

Purly was rescued along with his brothers and sister from a group

 of boys in a field who were throwing the kittens up in the air.

I went 'storming' over there and they said, "Oh, are these your cats?

We just found them in a box".

Purly and his brother, Crybaby, have been with us several years.  

The black cat, Kiki, was found under a car crying his eyes out

when he was a tiny baby kitten about a month old.

My daughter, Miranda, (9 years old) took this picture.

She's the care giver of the cats. 

The 3 Big Dogs' story: 

Peanuts, the black and tan dog was rescued, along with her

mother from the desert.  The mom was just skin and bones and

the puppy was about 5 months old and very scared.  My friend got

the mom and put a leash on her and the puppy followed her home. 

They had to walk because the puppy was too scared. 

It was Christmas Day, so we named the mom, "Christmas". 

In a short time she was gaining weight and the puppy was tame. 

On Jan. 29th we found out why she gained the weight so easily,

she had 9 more puppies.  A short time later she was diagnosed

with Valley Fever and when the puppies were about 4 weeks old,

she died, but by then they were eating on their own. 

These 3 Big Dogs are the only ones left from that mom. 

They are very sweet and love to run and play

with all our other dogs, big and small. 


Our first Bull Terrier that my kids call Freeway because we

rescued him on the freeway where he had been hit by a car.  He was lying

in the middle of the road between 2 lanes while the big rigs roared past. 

It was a nightmare for me, I was so afraid he would move and be killed. 

Finally when there was a break in the traffic, I ran into the road and picked

him up (all 50#) and set him down in the ditch.  Now what, my pickup

was at least 1/4 mile away and I certainly couldn't carry him that far. 

He had cuts on his head and an injured hind leg, but didn't seem to mind

when I moved him.  A lady passing by, stopped and came over to help. 

She went and got my truck and brought it back to me so we could load the

dog up and take him to the vet.  His leg wasn't broken, but badly bruised. 

We couldn't find the owner even though he seemed  to be in good

shape and thought that someone was missing him. 

If people would only get their pets micro-chipped,

we could get them back home where they belong.

Our Horse Sapphire:

This horse, Sapphire, was given to us because she had fallen and 

cracked several vertebrae in her neck one day while riding in the desert

when a jack rabbit suddenly jumped and startled her. 

We have had her 2 years and now seems to be all healed up. 

She is just now being ridden slowly again and doing great. 

She's such a darling, loves anyone that will come up to the fence to pet her.


Proverbs 3:5      

Lean on, trust in and be confident in the Lord with all your heart

and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.


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